House Rules

House Rules in play:

Overland travel times will be roughly half the book value. Barovia is fairly small, and I want a bit more of an epic feel to things. The rationale IC is that the days tend to be short, since the sun never shines, and the feeling of the land weighs heavily on the PCs, reducing how long they can push themselves in a day.

Dwarves have encumbrance speed penalty reduced by 10. With variant encumbrance, the Dwarf Speed property becomes useless. This is a quick and clean way to keep a dwarf’s pace while encumbered.

Optional Rules in play:

Flanking – to promote more strategic positioning and offer a small additional edge for overwhelmed PCs.

Extra Combat Maneuvers (except for Mark) – bonus options for moving creatures around and moving through them with tumble.

Fear and Horror – fear is more applicable than horror for the campaign, but just a nice added touch that should only come up rarely.

Healing Kit Requirement – adds a little more weight to healing rest.

Slow Natural Healing – adds a little more downtime to overall recovery.


I’ll award inspiration occasionally for RP. A strong way to earn inspiration is to RP hindrances to the detriment of your character in some fashion. Just remind me if you think it’s worthy, but I’ll try to keep up with these things. Inspiration may also be awarded for story acts. Inspiration can be banked up to twice, but the second may only be added for a story act, to help counter the possibility of earning such an inspiration and not actually getting to have it because you were already inspired. Ideally they should not be excessively hoarded.

House Rules

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